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Child Abuse Lawyer

Child Abuse Attorney

Child Abuse Lawyer in St. Petersburg, Florida After being convicted of a sex crime in St. Petersburg, it can be difficult to find a place to stay because many people will not rent to or welcome registered sex offenders. One place where CNN has reported that sex offenders, including those convicted of sex crimes against children, can stay is the Palace Mobile Home Park. If you are being investigated for child sexual abuse in Florida, you should take the charges seriously. Child abuse can come in many different forms, and in some cases, even more serious crimes are charged, such as lewd and lascivious molestation or battery of a child. An experienced St. Petersburg child abuse lawyer who understands the gravity of sex crime charges and how to defend them is essential to protecting your freedom. At Hanlon Law, we provide strong, comprehensive defenses in these cases.

Battling a Child Abuse Allegation

Under Florida Statute section 827.03, child abuse is defined as the intentional injuring of a child, either physically or mentally. It can also be charged against someone who performs an intentional act that could reasonably be expected to result in a child's mental or physical injury or against someone who actively encourages another person to commit an act that could reasonably be expected to physically or mentally injure a child. A sex crime against a child may be charged as child abuse, which has a looser definition than some other sex crimes. For example, you could be charged with child sexual abuse for encouraging someone else to commit a lewd or lascivious act against a child. A child is anyone unmarried under the age of 18 who has not been emancipated. You can be charged with child abuse even if you are not related to the child. A child abuse attorney in St. Petersburg can help you explore the full range of defenses at your disposal.

When someone knowingly or willfully abuses a child without causing great bodily harm, permanent disfigurement, or permanent disability, a third-degree felony is charged. A third-degree felony may be punished with a maximum of five years’ imprisonment, as well as fines. When aggravated child abuse is charged, the penalties may be harsher. However, there is no requirement to register as a sex offender. This may sound like a small comfort, but it is a significant point, since an even greater social stigma attaches to registered sex offenders.

There are certain mandated reporters in Florida, including doctors, mental health professionals, social workers, law enforcement officers, judges, teachers, and other school staff. They usually make reports that go to the Department of Children and Family Services, and that Department may investigate further. Sometimes child abuse starts with a suspicion by a neighbor or family member. There are many situations in which a misconstrued interaction can result in a child abuse charge. If you are being investigated for child abuse or any other sex crime, you should contact an attorney during the pre-filing process to try to make the situation better or at least prevent making it worse.

Sometimes you might be investigated for a more serious crime, such as lewd and lascivious molestation or battery of a minor, and it is possible for a St. Petersburg child abuse attorney to get the prosecutor to agree to the lesser offense of child abuse as part of a plea deal. You need to register as a sex offender if you are convicted of lewd and lascivious crimes against a minor, so it may be better to take a deal in which you do not need to register as a sex offender.

In other cases, child abuse is the more serious potential charge, and it is possible to persuade the prosecutor to agree to a plea deal involving a lesser offense, such as unnatural and lascivious acts. This is a second-degree misdemeanor, rather than a felony charge. This means that you may not face any prison time.

Child abuse can carry additional penalties, particularly for parents. For example, a conviction may influence a custody dispute or result in your losing custody of your child altogether. The child in question could be removed and placed in foster care until after the trial. It is important to retain an attorney who can see the whole picture and develop a strategy accordingly.

Consult an Experienced Child Abuse Lawyer in the St. Petersburg Area

If you are charged with child abuse, you should consult our experienced criminal defense firm. Our founder, Will Hanlon, has been providing criminal defense representation since 1994. We are committed to guarding the rights of the accused. Call Hanlon Law at 727.289.0222 or complete our online form. We can also help you if you are dealing with a situation involving domestic violence or another sensitive criminal matter.

Client Reviews
As a practicing attorney, I was shocked to hear that a family member of mine was alleged to have committed a sex crime. Knowing full well the consequences this type of allegation can have on anyone and their future, I immediately reached out to William Hanlon for help. I had every confidence that Mr. Hanlon had the knowledge, expertise, and experience to handle this problem. Approximately 4 weeks from an initial conference with Mr. Hanlon, we received a call with the news that a letter of release was being issued and the case was being dropped. Now my family member can finally exhale, take a deep breath, and go on with his life. Thank you, William! Jerry
Was on the ball. Remembered names, events, places, situations. Never need to re explain the situation. Keeps in touch through out the entire experience and keeps you feeling safe, comforted and protected. Fights hard. Worth every single penny. Would never settle for anything less than Will. Carrie
I was facing a charge that if convicted would carry two years in prison minimally. Not only was he empathetic and listening to what I had to say but he arranged with the prosecutor for my charges not to be filed under terms of a pre trial investigation. Would highly recommend. Alec
I am very happy for what he did for me. Always there when I needed him. Explained everything well. He Fights for his clients. He got me what I needed. Hes an excellent lawyer. Mutaz
Mr. Hanlon did what no other lawyer could do. Not only did he turn my criminal history into a thing of the past so I could move on, he was a loyal associate. No matter how bad the situation is, he has miraculously cleared me on every charge since he became my lawyer 5 years ago. I have the best lawyer that the legal system has to offer. I have had other really good lawyers try to get my business, but I know that no one can do a better job than William Hanlon. Jesse