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St. Petersburg Domestic Violence

Criminal Attorneys Advocating for Defendants in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has the sixth-highest rate of crime among cities in Florida. As of 2010, there were about 40,000 households with heterosexual married couples living together, while about 10,000 other households consisted of unmarried couples. Domestic violence is often part of a pattern of controlling actions that are used by one person to establish power over an intimate partner or family member. Generally, it can include kicking, punching, squeezing, arm twisting, strangling, slapping, hair pulling, verbal insults, hurting pets, efforts to isolate, threats to commit suicide, withholding medical care, stalking, demanding sex, or engaging in rape. These behaviors are subject to criminal prosecution under Florida law. If you are accused of domestic violence, it is crucial to retain a skillful criminal defense attorney right away. St. Petersburg domestic violence lawyer Will Hanlon is committed to protecting the rights of the accused, and he may be able to help you.

Domestic Violence Charges

Under Florida Statutes section 741.28, criminal domestic violence can be charged when the perpetrator and the victim of a criminal action have a family or household member relationship. Family and household members include spouses, ex-spouses, people related through marriage or blood, people living together like a family, people who have lived together as a family in the past, and people who are parents of a child in common. Except for people who parent a shared child, a family or household member must have lived in the past in the same dwelling or currently do so. Criminal actions that count as domestic violence include battery, aggravated assault, assault, aggravated battery, stalking, aggravated stalking, kidnapping, false imprisonment, or other crimes resulting in the death or physical injury of one family or household member by another family or household member.

Domestic violence can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony. Assault with the requisite family or household relationship, for example, is a second-degree misdemeanor. On the other hand, aggravated assault is charged as a third-degree felony. Battery can be a first-degree misdemeanor, but it can also be a third-degree felony. If you are convicted of a first-degree misdemeanor, you face a maximum of one year in jail or 12 months of probation and can be fined $1,000.

If they are charging you with domestic violence battery, a prosecutor needs to prove that you actually and intentionally touched or struck someone with whom you have a family or household member relationship, without that person’s consent. Alternatively, the prosecutor needs to show that you intentionally caused bodily harm to a family or household member. A domestic violence attorney in the St. Petersburg area can help you build an argument to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case.

In addition to imprisonment and fines, you may also be required to complete a 26-week batterers' intervention program, spend five days in jail, perform community service, and lose civil liberties. Often, a victim asks for a no-contact order or injunction. However, in some cases, a victim does not want the prosecutor to pursue the charges, and it may be possible to work together to get the charges dismissed or dropped.

There are defenses that a St. Petersburg domestic violence attorney can possibly raise on your behalf if you are accused of domestic violence. In some cases, there are material facts that are disputed about the incident giving rise to the charges, or there is no corroborating evidence. In other cases, there may be no injuries, and this fact can be used to persuade the prosecution to reduce or dismiss the charges. Other defenses can include a mutual confrontation or fight, self-defense, or defense of others. It may be appropriate to attack the victim's credibility if the victim has a reason to lie about the allegations, such as to gain an advantage in a family law dispute or take revenge.

In all domestic violence cases, it can be helpful to have an attorney on your side even before charges have been filed. Sometimes, we can make contact with the victim even if a no-contact order has been issued and provide them with information about how to ask for the charges to be dropped if they wish.

Consult a Domestic Violence Lawyer in St. Petersburg

If you are charged with domestic violence, you should consult our experienced criminal defense firm. Our founder, Will Hanlon, has been providing dedicated criminal defense representation since 1994. He is committed to guarding the rights of the accused. You can call Hanlon Law at 727.897.5413 or submit our online form.

Client Reviews
As a practicing attorney, I was shocked to hear that a family member of mine was alleged to have committed a sex crime. Knowing full well the consequences this type of allegation can have on anyone and their future, I immediately reached out to William Hanlon for help. I had every confidence that Mr. Hanlon had the knowledge, expertise, and experience to handle this problem. Approximately 4 weeks from an initial conference with Mr. Hanlon, we received a call with the news that a letter of release was being issued and the case was being dropped. Now my family member can finally exhale, take a deep breath, and go on with his life. Thank you, William! Jerry
Was on the ball. Remembered names, events, places, situations. Never need to re explain the situation. Keeps in touch through out the entire experience and keeps you feeling safe, comforted and protected. Fights hard. Worth every single penny. Would never settle for anything less than Will. Carrie
I was facing a charge that if convicted would carry two years in prison minimally. Not only was he empathetic and listening to what I had to say but he arranged with the prosecutor for my charges not to be filed under terms of a pre trial investigation. Would highly recommend. Alec
I am very happy for what he did for me. Always there when I needed him. Explained everything well. He Fights for his clients. He got me what I needed. Hes an excellent lawyer. Mutaz
Mr. Hanlon did what no other lawyer could do. Not only did he turn my criminal history into a thing of the past so I could move on, he was a loyal associate. No matter how bad the situation is, he has miraculously cleared me on every charge since he became my lawyer 5 years ago. I have the best lawyer that the legal system has to offer. I have had other really good lawyers try to get my business, but I know that no one can do a better job than William Hanlon. Jesse